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Stone Goat Ranch, also known as Agua Blanca Ranch, has been an operating cattle ranch for well over 100 years, even since before Arizona became a state in 1912. This majestic ranch incorporates 26 square miles of the heart of the Ironwood National Monument as its leased rangeland, and the private 640 acre deeded portion of the ranch is literally in the center of the Monument. Truly, this is where old west legend meets modern day life. From the magnificent stands of giant saguaros, ocotillos, ironwoods and palo verde to the grasslands, where the flora and fauna living here are the best of the best that the Sonoran Desert has to offer. 

How We Chose Our Name

The name Stone Goat Ranch came to us while we were hiking & looking for traces of the ancient Hohokam people who inhabited this area for seven to eight thousand years, and disappeared several hundred years before the arrival of the modern indigenous peoples. As we explored, we came across a beautiful group of petroglyphs and were amazed by their design and complexity. We began to photo-catalogue the groupings, and while discovering one after another, we found a unique glyph of a human figure chasing a goat. This particular petroglyph quickly became our favorite, and so, after lengthy spirited discussions we chose to make the stylized goat our logo and cattle brand. Thus, Stone Goat Ranch was born. 


Out looking for maverick bulls and calves that need to be branded & vaccinated.  

Petroglyphs at the 'Altar Rock' Site. 

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20801 W. Manville Road

Marana, Arizona 85653

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