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As if riding off into the desert is not adventure enough we will add to it a day spent exploring in and around one of the best petroglyph sites in the Southwest. The petroglyph sites on our ranch are non-commercial so you get the feel of a private exclusive showing just for you and your family where you can get up close and personal, take as many photographs as you like and enjoy your semi- private showing to your hearts content, as long as you are respectful of the site. Petroglyph day includes a tasty picnic lunch at the site. 




In Arizona when the sun sets and the dark descends there is a spectacular night sky that is relieved to anyone with the desire and imagination to see the constellations come alive ,through a narrative by our own kristen. Spend the evening with her as she takes you on a laser guided tour of the heavens. She will tell you about the lore and placement of the constellations visible from our location. You will marvel at the majesty and glory of the heavens after dark.



There is only one thing in the desert more spectacular than the giant saguaros and that is the rare and elusive crested saguaro.  In all the acres in and around our ranch and the thousands of saguaros we have here,  we have only found four so far.  We will take you on a tour to see them all and who knows you may be the very lucky person to spot another one.  While on the tour you will see many Saguaros, and the diverse  flora, fauna and topography our pristine Sonoran desert has to offer. 


Meet Cowboy Joe. He is the real McCoy. One of the last of a dying breed. Join him around the campfire for an evening of rousing stories of his life as a cowboy and the  poetry he has written along the way. These are memories you will cherish the rest of your life. 


One of the funnest night time activities for both young & old is a scorpion hunt. They are very easy and exciting to view under black light, being that they are one of the few creatures that fluoresce. We have learned and come to appreciate a much different opinion of scorpions than we used to have, because of folk stories and old-wives tales. We hope after you have participated in a successful hunt that you will also have a much different and higher opinion of this unique and interesting creature. 

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